Abstract pink?

Do you know the famous flower: The rose ?
Do you know abstract art ?
But do you know the abstract rose ?
Abstract Eternal Rose

The abstract rose: a unique flower sculpture

A unique abstract sculpture inspired by the natural rose, that is what Rosabstrait means.

The Rosabstrait artist does not seek to reproduce exactly the structure of the natural rose.

The roses sculpted by Albert Derriennic ( learn more about the artist from Rosabstrait ) are an interpretation of the flower with the subjective gaze of abstract art .

This is a genuine original creation by the artist .

It is through many tests, for more than 20 years now, that the artist imagined this unique sculpture .

Each rose is a unique work of art , you will not find an identical one.

Choose the one that suits you from its selection of the moment to have a unique and eternal rose at home!

Rosabstract range of luminous eternal rose