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Rosabstrait is an online store dedicated exclusively to the sale of the creations of the artist Albert Derriennic .

Each product presented on this site is a unique work of art .

The Rosabstrait artist presents his creations of abstract sculpture of luminous eternal rose in synthetic glass.

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To discover all the artistic creations, the site is organized into a separate collection:

Original creation by collection:

Eternal rose : 1st price range of abstract rose sculpture on a stem.

Eternal rose in several colors red, black, silver, purple, blue, ... and more on request. An ideal eternal flower to offer for every occasion.

Luminous rose : Range of eternal mini rose with led garland.

Each eternal rose on a straight stem is integrated into a wooden base where the LED power supply system is incorporated. Original decorative object that can fit on a shelf.

Rose under bell : Range of luminous eternal mini rose under glass dome.

Directly inspired by the famous tale " Beauty and the Beast ", the luminous eternal roses are incorporated in an elegant glass bell with a cloud of lights to illuminate the rose sculpture .

Luminous flower : Selection of large roses on a wavy stem with a led garland wrapped from the base to its heart. Premium rose price.

This 43 cm high rose is the largest of the sculptures offered by Rosabstrait . On its imposing black wooden base, the eternal rose is on a real pedestal.

Luminous bouquet : Range of roses in bouquet with integrated light.

This sculpture of roses in a luminous bouquet is the artist's most complex sculpture. An abstract interpretation of the rosebush with its wavy branches. The elegant solid wood base to elevate this sculpture of original luminous roses .

Original creation by color

Can you search by color of rose?

Here is the full list of colors available:

Handcrafted in the artist's French workshop.

Artistic creation from A to Z

The visual artist shapes all his eternal rose sculptures in his studio in France .

The roses are sculpted in synthetic glass and the bases are also made by the artist .

The entire piece is sculpted entirely by the artist with materials mentioned in the description of each product visible on this site.

No automated machine, everything is done by hand by the artist in his new studio located in the town of Mont-Dore in Auvergne .

To learn more, I invite you to read the following article:

How are Rosabstrait's eternal roses made?

Why not sell in a physical store?

Albert Derriennic has moved around a lot in his life and it is not about to stop. The easiest way to keep your relationship with your audience is the internet. If the artist were to move to the other end of France, (because that's how creativity emerges) you can find his creations always at the same virtual address .

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