Albert Derriennic: French Artist

Welcome to my site, let me introduce myself: Albert Derriennic professional artist since 2016, but creative since my adolescence.

Born in 1961 in Guérande , I come from a family of artists: musicians, painters, ironworkers, inventor, ...

My artistic training comes from my various personal and professional experiences that I reveal little by little in my blog: Stories of the artist .

Originally from Loire-Atlantique, I have lived in several very different places:

  • Major city: Lyon
  • Deep countryside in Auvergne
  • Mountain (where I developed my ability to clear my parking space)
  • And of course life by the sea on the Guérande peninsula

These different places of life have shaped my perception of art and it is through the abstract style that I express myself best.

Today, I focus on 2 types of artistic creations :

  1. The eternal rose sculpture in synthetic glass.
  2. Painting on canvas and on plexiglass.

You are currently on my site dedicated to my rose sculpture:

Soon, I will open a new online store dedicated exclusively to my abstract paintings .

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I wish you a pleasant visit in my artistic universe.

Albert Derriennic

Profile Albert Derriennic French artist
professional artist
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Number House of Artists D524709