Collection: All the eternal roses

Choose from 14 different colors for your eternal rose .


In the " Eternal Rose " collection you will find a simple rose with its heart painted in the color of your choice with its black stem. This sober and elegant creation will adapt to your interior decoration in a vase or simply lying near your books on a bookcase .


In the " Luminous Rose " collection you will find an eternal rose on a base and illuminated by a led garland from the base to the heart of your rose. This original luminous rose is ideal for marveling both day and night.


The " Luminous Flower " collection is a high-end version of the " luminous rose ". On its pedestal, the wavy rose seems to dance in the lights. It is also the largest creation for an elegant and chic effect.


Finally, the " Luminous Bouquet " collection is an interpretation of the rosebush with its 2 wavy branches of illuminated eternal roses . An original and unique artistic creation , you will surprise the chosen one of your heart with this high-end gift .


Each creation has a single objective, to illuminate everyday life. Whether for pleasure or to offer on a special occasion , the eternal roses by their symbolism of their colors will find favor in the eyes of lovers of roses .