Collection: purple rose

The eternal violet rose by Rosabstrait

It is undoubtedly the favorite color of young girls. If you are looking for a gift idea to decorate your daughter's room, you have come to the right place.

Meaning of purple rose: femininity and elegance

The violet rose and all its nuances ( fuchsia , purple , magenta , ...) are linked to femininity and the praise of elegance . No wonder this color is the favorite of women . This purple rose color is ideal for a woman of any age.

Gift idea for a little girl's room

If there is one place where the purple rose has its designated place , it is a young girl's bedroom . Next to a star dancer's music box or on the dressing table near the make-up mirror, the eternal violet rose of Rosabstrait will enhance the decoration .

Discover all the ranges of eternal and luminous violet roses

From the simple eternal rose to the luminous bouquet of Luxe you will find an ideal flower to offer to every little girl.