Collection: Red rose

The eternal red rose by Rosabstrait

The Rosabstrait artist offers you all these eternal roses with an intense red heart to declare your love to your beloved.

Stories and Meaning of the Red Rose: Love and Passion

Many stories and legends revolve around the symbolism of the red rose .

The best known being that of Aphrodite :

The goddess Aphrodite tried to rescue her protect Adonis , wounded in the hunt, and was scratched by the thorns of the white rosebushes on the path which turned red with his blood .

A very special symbolism for the unconditional and passionate love for the loved one.

The red rose is the most emblematic by its bright and flamboyant color. This is particularly suitable for lovers of the first hour .

Occasions for giving a red rose

  • Declaring one's love
  • Celebrate his love
  • The perfect gift to celebrate Valentine's Day