Collection: Black Rose

The eternal black rose by Rosabstrait

The black rose does not exist!

Despite all the goodwill of florists to create a black rose , they are forced to see that it does not yet exist. The only black natural roses are actually a very dark red which gives a very elegant velvet effect . Only stabilized roses and artificial flowers can obtain this intense black so sought after. Rosabstrait offers black rose sculptures in synthetic glass combining shine and intense black .

Meaning of the black rose: Darkness and design

The black rose is the symbol of the goths . The color, which is not one from a scientific point of view, has everything to please the fan of the Gothic universe . Associated with cemeteries, tombstones, death, sadness's the antithesis of the red rose.

But the color black is not always synonymous with a gloomy atmosphere. It is also an ideal color to make an interior decoration "classy" . This design side makes the black rose a devilishly elegant flower .

Whether you are looking for a black rose for your Halloween decoration or to give a classy touch to your living room , you will find an eternal black rose adapted to your desires.