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The eternal yellow rose by Rosabstrait

Want to offer a yellow rose? Discover a bright gift idea like the sun to offer to a friend and the symbolism of the yellow rose.

Meaning of the yellow rose: Friendship and benevolence

Originally the yellow color of a rose is linked to stories of infidelity. So it is not an ideal color choice for lovers. However the yellow color is the symbol of the sun, of the light and it is quite naturally that the yellow rose has become the gift of friendship . Nothing is more comforting than yellow to signify to someone his joy to be with him unconditionally. Remember that the meaning of a gift is mostly tied to your intention and your relationship with the gift recipient.

Gift idea for a friend

A yellow rose for a baby shower:

The color yellow is also a great alternative for a newborn who is still unclear whether the baby will be a boy or a girl . By choosing a yellow rose to give at a baby shower, you bring light and joy to your friend who is waiting for a happy event.

Offer a yellow rose for other occasions:

There is no shortage of events to offer a yellow rose . When you know that the meaning of the yellow rose is friendship and benevolence, then it is not difficult to please those around you.

  • celebrate your best friend's birthday
  • give a gift to your child's teacher
  • thank a nanny
  • celebrate the promotion of a co-worker
  • decorate a yellow baby room

Manufacture of personalized eternal yellow rose on request

If you want a yellow rose under a bell or in a luxury model , you can order directly from the artist of Rosabstrait by sending an email here .