Collection: Eternal rose under bell

Collection Eternal rose under cover by Rosabstrait

An eternal rose is good, but an eternal rose under a bell dome protected by its elegant glass dome is better! Discover our unique eternal flower. An eternal rose under a bell with integrated LED to illuminate your interior decoration.

Eternal rose under a bell - a poetic gift idea.

Preserve your rose under a bell jar to save yourself the chore of dusting. But not only that, thanks to its transparency, your unique eternal flower under its glass bell will be elegantly highlighted in your living room , like a precious trophy. Attracted the eye of your guests and told the story that will please you to discover this unique rose that you received as a gift from your lover . ❤️

Original creation of eternal rose under bell

Rosabstrait is the brand of visual artist Albert Derriennic . All creations are original artistic works . The roses are created in her workshop in France and sold directly to you. The eternal rose under a bell is handcrafted and can be personalized on request . A led garland is assembled to the eternal rose with a switch discreetly integrated into the base. Powered by battery (included), you will not need a connection and you can enjoy your unique decorative object anywhere in your home.