Collection: blue rose

The eternal blue roses of Rosabstrait

The blue roses... cyan, midnight, turquoise

Rosabstrait offers you several shades of blue according to your tastes and your decoration. The cyan or sky or light blue rose is the most classic and luminous, ideal for evoking the sea . The midnight blue rose is more intense and is synonymous with sweet dreams . Finally, the turquoise blue rose is the most original and goes perfectly well with the natural shine of the rose sculpted in synthetic glass .

Meaning of the blue rose: Impossible love and eternal hope

It all starts with a story from an Asian tale that I invite you to read.

To summarize: A young woman promises her father that she will marry a prince who will bring her a real blue rose . Obviously the blue rose does not exist in nature . But while many suitors try to lure the princess with subterfuge to dye the roses blue . The princess falls in love with a poet but cannot marry him because of this promise which she now regrets. Despite everything, the young poet asks for the princess's hand by bringing her a beige rose . She pretends that her rose is blue and that only they can see it (maybe they are color blind?).

This lovely story is what links the symbolism of the blue rose to impossible love and eternal hope .

Occasions to give an eternal blue rose

  • Marriage or engagement proposal
  • Declaring one's love
  • Decorate a child's room to make sweet dreams come true
  • For the arrival of a very desired newborn