Collection: A unique eternal rose for Mother's Day

Offer the most beautiful eternal roses for Mother's Day 2021

What color of eternal rose to offer to celebrate Mother's Day?

The most beautiful colors of roses to offer on Mother's Day are:
  • White Rose,
  • pink rose,
  • purple rose,
  • Red rose (this color is not only reserved for the passion of Valentine's Day, it is also a safe bet for the favorite flower in the world).
The soft colors have a symbolism of maternal love perfect for Mother's Day.

Natural, stabilized or eternal rose for Mother's Day?

  1. If you opt for the natural rose , you will have to do it at the last minute to keep the freshness of your rose with the risk of a shortage of stock at your local florist (if it is open...).
  2. For the stabilized rose , which is a natural rose that has undergone treatment to stay straight for a few weeks, you will need to explain to your mother all the tips for maintaining this rose as long as possible (away from the sun, no humidity, ...).
  3. Finally, if you choose a real eternal rose sculpted from robust materials (metal, resin, glass, etc.), no problem! You are choosing a lasting and unforgettable gift . Every day of the year your mom will remember your wonderful gift you gave her for Mother's Day and there for sure she will love you forever much more than with your noodle necklace made in kindergarten.

Choose an authentic arts and crafts shop to buy your eternal rose in France.

Rosabstrait specializes in creating unique and original eternal roses . Sculptures made of synthetic glass for its transparency, its natural reflections with light and its resistance to shocks!

Order your eternal rose now, protected in its reinforced transport box and delivered directly to your darling mum's mailbox . Free delivery in France.