Vous vouliez une rose rose ?

You wanted a pink rose?

Your opinion on my rose creations

I asked you in insta story to guess the next color of the rose created among several choices: pink - yellow - green - white and many of you hoped for the color pink . Too bad, I introduced you to the high-end yellow rose available here .

But as General De Gaulle would say... "I understood you!"

So today, I am proud to offer you my first pink rose !

My interpretation of the pink rose in abstract sculpture

Always shaped hot from synthetic glass , I offer you my new creation of a rose with a heart painted in a tender pink color .

I would never have dared to offer you a rose of such a color as it is difficult to find paints adapted to the design of my sculpture so atypical. But after several failures, I finally found the ideal color for you.

Pink rose fan, here I am with this beautiful sculpted flower.

I chose to show it to you on a black and white background to show you all the facets of this pastel rose .

You will find this rose with a pink heart in the "Eternal Rose" collection and later in other ranges, if you wish?
Tell me in the comments if you want the pink rose on a base?
See you soon for new creations of eternal roses!
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