Rose jaune : découvrez la nouvelle couleur de rose éternelle

Yellow rose: discover the new eternal rose color

Following the request of a client, I offer you a new color of luminous eternal rose : the yellow rose .

Finding the right color of yellow was not easy but today I am proud to present the new yellow luminous rose .

Eternal yellow rose

In Rosabstrait 's luminous pink collection , you will find several colors but recently a new color has appeared following a customer's request . And he was right because the result is magnificent! I opted for a tropical yellow that was neither too light nor too dark.

Depending on the daylight, the heart of the yellow rose offers a real ray of sunshine to your interior . But when night falls, the LED garlands integrated into the eternal rose offer a light show . All shades of yellow are expressed through this luminous rose .

A luminous eternal rose with a dazzling yellow

With its base and its small size, you can change the place of your rose according to your desires. For a romantic dinner near a candle, this yellow rose will illuminate this moment of complicity with your beloved.

Discover the luminous yellow rose on the online store of the artist who created Eternal Rose .

eternal rose shop

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