Rose verte et saint patrick

The emerald green rose - New eternal rose by Rosabstrait

Why a green rose?

As Saint Patrick's Day approaches, I simply thought of creating a rose with a green heart . It's that simple.

Seriously, I had already created green roses for craft markets and customers even bought these roses.

But I was not completely satisfied with the rendering. So I gave up this color.

How St. Patrick's Day woke up my green rose

The years passed (since 1990, I shape my eternal roses in synthetic glass) and the green color remained in the closet.

Until St. Patrick's Day 2021 arrives! I can't say if it's due to confinement (certainly) but I started ruminating on the green color.

So I took out all my green paint swatches and made a color chart from lightest to darkest.

After a vote submitted to my family (my relatives are my best or worst critics, I don't know...), I finally opted for a slightly transparent and shiny emerald green.

The rendering on the rose was without appeal! It's the green that goes best and so I immediately decided to offer it to you on my online store.

I also showed it to you on my social networks and your enthusiasm confirmed my choice.

I therefore present to you my latest success (it is the symbolism of the green rose ).

Emerald Green Eternal Rose

Emerald green eternal rose available on the Rosabstrait store

You can now discover this eternal rose with an emerald green heart on my online store.

If you don't know for what occasion to offer this original green rose, here are some ideas:

  • Promotion and professional success
  • Graduation
  • rack
  • Gift for the signature of a house

In short, anything that symbolizes professional or personal success.

I invite you to discover this wonderful captivating rose on its product page here:

Tell me in comment your opinion on this new green rose , I am very curious to have your opinion.

See you soon for new creations.

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Votre rose verte symbole d’espérance !
Magnifique réalisation. 💚💚💚


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