Rose éternelle orange ambiance sixties - Déco chaise orange retro années 60

Orange eternal rose for a colorful decor

Orange eternal rose for a retro atmosphere

I know there are other symbolisms for the orange rose , but for me, it reminds me of my year of birth: the 60s.

The gloomy atmosphere of recent times makes me want to rediscover the carelessness and liveliness of the sixties.

Oh the good old days!!! Yes I am doing my old reaction but just the time for this article and it feels good!

I'm not going to draw you a picture of this period, but what is certain is that the interior decoration was more than colorful.

My new orange rose would be too subtle for this era.

Deco sixties red orange wallpaper

An eternal orange rose to remember forever to see life in color.

So, here's my new eternal rose color with a bright , naturally luminous orange heart.

I invite you to discover this new creation and if you are as enthusiastic as me, I will soon offer you a version with its LED garlands.

For now, I invite you to discover this creation in the eternal rose collection with as always its elegant black metal stem to slip into a retro vase of course 😉🧡

Orange eternal rose on black background mirror effect photo

Tell me in the comments if you miss the 60s like me, I'll feel alone.

See you soon for new creations 😘🌹

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Merci pour toutes ces doses elles sont magnifique moi aussi je suis née en 1959 et j’aurais bien voulue vivre les années 60 mais ma jeunesse c’était les années 70 pas mal aussi le rock Johnny et les autres super enfin cest le passé mais il ne faut pas l’oublier


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