Rose naturelle VS Rose éternelle de Rosabstrait

Rosabstrait: A high-end artificial flower

Put an end to the wilted flowers cluttering your trash can. Want to enjoy the beauty of flowers without the inconvenience? Artificial flowers are an interesting solution provided you focus on quality.

1/ Natural flower VS Artificial flower

Who has never received a bouquet of flowers from a guest or their lover?

Everyone has experienced the joy of receiving flowers.

Step 1: Find a vase

But now, with this big bouquet, the joy gives way to the search for the Grail: the vase that will suit this extraordinary bouquet.

Too small, not wide enough, too high, ... it's never the right size. Unless you are a robotic housewife who has all the possible slime formats like the Desperate Housewives character.

Say you found the perfect vase for that bouquet of flowers, what's going to happen?

2nd step: Intoxicating fragrance and daily maintenance

Your guests have left and your bouquet of flowers sits proudly in your living room, symbolizing the attention you receive from those around you. The fragrance that emanates is intoxicating and sometimes it smells so much that it is necessary to air it out. Beware of allergies!
The next day your bouquet is still just as beautiful but... the trouble begins.
The vase already has more water. And yes, flowers cut several days ago are struggling not to wither. You will now witness the inevitable countdown to the death of the flowers.

It's true, I'm quite cynical with natural flowers but I didn't invent this process.

3rd step: Decomposition of natural flowers

The days pass and your bouquet no longer smells of roses, you could even say that it smells of stagnant water. You probably kept watering but the end-of-life flowers stopped drinking. Cloudy water is worse than a poorly maintained aquarium.
The first petals fall on your table and it's even worse when you move your vase to set the table at mealtime.
All these inconveniences will have overcome your desire to keep this gift. It's time to say goodbye to flowers, it's time to throw them in the trash.
And even then, they are painful! It's cluttering up the trash can so much that you have to take the trash out.
And then your phone rings: it's your friends. They arrive for dinner and guess what they are going to offer you? Yes, another bouquet of flowers to fill your trash can!

At this point in the article, you must be wondering who is this person who does not know how to appreciate the pleasures of receiving a bouquet of flowers?
Think again, I love flowers but I hate throwing away a present, that's all.

But if we don't offer flowers, what do we offer?

I told you, I love flowers and I think if I had to give or receive such a gift, I would prefer a potted plant.

  1. No need for a vase to search
  2. Lasts for several years
  3. Evolves and grows over time
  4. Perfume with each flowering

But all that of course for a person who has:

  1. the green hand
  2. good sun exposure
  3. the right temperature
  4. enough space in the room

A perfect combination to respect so that the plant does not end up in the dump. Because there, it does not even fit in the trash!

Or, you can opt for the high-end artificial flower!

Be careful, not the plastic flower from Asia at 10 euros unearthed in supermarkets. Unless you don't like the person you're going to give it to...
Here, I'm talking about an alternative to the natural flower that will remove all the inconveniences and keep the immense pleasure of giving and receiving.

A high-end artificial flower must be exceptional in its beauty and quality.

  • Aesthetics must be irreproachable like the beauty of nature.
  • Top-of-the-range quality for an elegant and long-lasting gift.

It is with this in mind that the artist from Rosabstrait imagined his top-of-the-range eternal roses.

  • Sublime like the natural rose
  • Durable for an eternal gift
  • Top of the range for exemplary quality

By offering a top-of-the-range artificial flower, with Rosabstrait's top-of-the-range eternal rose, you are sure that your gift will be a sensation and will remain forever.

And you, what is your eternal and high-end gift idea?

Rosabstract range of luminous eternal rose
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