Sweet rose éternelle rouge sur tige et socle noir - Création originale de Rosabstrait

New eternal rose with a red and luminous heart

New Sweet red eternal rose on stem and black base - Original creation by Rosabstrait

Are you looking for an original and lasting gift ? The classic red rose tempts you but you know that after a few days your natural flower will fade . Discover the red eternal rose from Rosabstrait 's " Luminous Rose " range. A one-of-a-kind rose that never fades !

Here are the characteristics of this red eternal rose with light garland:

A luminous eternal rose on a black stem

The rose consists of a metal rod surrounded by a black component and its silver LED garland that wraps from the base to the heart.

Battery powered luminous rose

The LED power system works with batteries (included in the package), which allows the sculpture to be placed anywhere in your home according to your desires with your favorite decorative objects .

" Luminous Rose " a range of sculptures at low prices

The " Luminous Rose e " range includes mini eternal roses (height approximately 30 cm) on their light and elegant black wooden base. The lighting device of the garland is located under the base with easy access to replace the batteries . Even if you will not have to change them often because the particularity of LEDs is to be very energy efficient. It is an economical, ecological and inexpensive luminous object from €54.90 (shipping included).

This abstract sculpture is delivered to you in its reinforced cardboard box . In addition, for each rose purchased, a certificate of authenticity is provided to you with the unique number of the work and the signature of the artist Albert Derriennic (Creator of each eternal rose of Rosabstrait ).

By purchasing your unique eternal rose on rosabstrait.com, you participate in supporting the work of an authentic French visual artist .

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