Rose argent fleur éternelle en verre de synthèse cœur argentée et sculpture lumineuse

new silver rose

Rosabstrait presents its new rose with a silver heart

The Rosabstrait artist is happy to introduce you to his latest creation . In the " Luminous Rose " collection, I ask for the silver one! Here is the one that was missing among all the colors offered in this collection of luminous pink .

Bright rose with silver heart

The silver rose: an affordable mini luminous rose

This eternal rose sculpture is painted with a slightly metallic silver. The transparency and shine of the synthetic glass petals that surround it accentuate its silver color .

Silver luminous rose on base

And finally the light from the LED garland integrated into the base is intertwined on the black rod to end up illuminating the heart of the luminous rose .

50 shades of gray atmosphere: a sexy silver rose

All the shades of gray follow one another in this luminous silver rose for a unique spectacle. In daylight, the heart of this silver rose will naturally shimmer with the rays of the sun. At night, with its cold colored led garland, the luminous rose will show you another facet for a sensual and elegant atmosphere.

Silver luminous rose on base

A unique piece of craftsmanship: order your silver rose quickly

Do you know the principle of first come, first served?

As the end-of-year holidays approach , orders accelerate and production decreases due to lack of time. So, if you want to offer a silver rose for Christmas to your loved one (free delivery in metropolitan France), all you have to do is order online here .

Don't wait until your favorite rose goes out of stock just before Christmas!

Your opinion interests us

What do you think of this new luminous silver rose ?

Tell us everything in the comments.

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