Marché de l'artisanat d'art à Mesquer Quimiac le 18 juillet 2020

Arts and crafts market in Mesquer Quimiac on July 18, 2020

The Rosabstrait artist is pleased to meet you at the arts and crafts market organized by the town hall of Mesquer-Quimiac this Saturday July 18, 2020.

Craft market: 1st art market since confinement.

The artist Albert Derriennic , creator of luminous eternal rose, has not been able to meet his audience since this health crisis.

Many of the events he was supposed to attend have been canceled, much to his regret.

But it is a necessary evil to stem this unexpected epidemic.

This arts and crafts market organized on July 18 is the first market in which the Rosabstrait artist has participated since last Christmas. It was getting long...

Rosabstrait stand on the Mesquer Quimiac art market in 2020

Coronavirus and online sale of handicrafts.

Far from twiddling his thumbs, the artist during confinement was able to adapt to events.

If it is not possible to offer his creations directly on the art markets , it is on the internet that the relationship with his public will be made from now on.

It is in this particular context that the online store was born! With this desire not to be defeated by this global pandemic.

Many small companies will go bankrupt with this sad event, but this will not be the case for Rosabstrait , this is the bet that the artist has made.

But for that, you have to relearn everything and that requires training in e-commerce, which is a profession in its own right.

Finding the balance between selling online and participating in art markets

Fortunately, many organizers are finding compromises to maintain exhibitor-essential events.

Like the town hall of Mesquer-Quimiac , which has managed to maintain this crafts market . But compromises must be found to ensure everyone's safety.

We just hope that the sanitary measures will not be a hindrance to visitors.

And you, will you be present at the art markets this summer on the Guérande peninsula to support French crafts?

Don't wait any longer for the art markets! Buy online directly.

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