Fabrication rose éternelle en verre de synthèse

How are Rosabstrait's eternal roses made?

The Rosabstrait artist has developed a unique technique to shape his eternal roses with a material that combines all the advantages of glass without the disadvantages.

Albert Derriennic: original creative craftsman

Rosabstrait is a brand imagined by the artist Albert Derriennic . Since the 1990s, he has been hot shaping different types of synthetic glass to sculpt his eternal roses . Far from reproducing the famous flower identically, the artist seeks above all to express his vision of the elegance of the rose through abstract art .

For this, he uses a heat gun to heat the synthetic glass plate (also commonly called " plexiglass ").

This rise in temperature changes solid matter into moldable matter for a few moments only, then cools and solidifies again.

The artist, through experience, has learned to master this material in transition to shape his version of the unique eternal rose .

Manufacturing rose sculpture in plexiglass Rosabstrait synthetic glass

Synthetic glass: A choice of material for a durable sculpture!

The first reaction, at the sight of the eternal rose of Rosabstrait, is a feeling of extreme fragility.

Many people are fascinated by its beauty, but refrain from approaching it for fear that it will break into a thousand pieces like classic glass.

There are a multitude of glasses:

Mineral glass based on sand and chemical elements such as soda-lime glass or extremely brittle crystal!

Synthetic (or organic) glass based on carbon and extremely resistant hydrogen!

Original French creation luminous pink turquoise sculpture in plexiglass

The particularities of the main synthetic glasses

Far from embarking on a chemistry lesson, here is a summary of the characteristics of the most well-known synthetic glasses , but there are many others:

Synthetic glass uses

Synthetic glasses are a very large family which, depending on the chemical composition, reveal surprising abilities.

The Rosabstrait artist experimented with a multitude of synthetic glasses to find the one that best corresponds to the sculpture of his eternal roses while taking advantage of the extraordinary resistance of this material.

As you will have understood, the choice of the artist to work with synthetic glass is a considerable advantage for you.

Once sculpted, the Rosabstrait rose does not fear shocks and therefore becomes a resistant and truly eternal rose!

This is why the artist can deliver his rose sculptures by parcel without fear . Even with the most indelicate of delivery people, your rose will arrive intact at your home without inconvenience.

Plus delivery is free !

So what are you waiting for to order your eternal rose ?

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