Des fleurs lumineuses pour décorer votre salon

Bright flowers to decorate your living room

Combine the beauty of flowers and the glow of a light

For a bright atmosphere while keeping the charm of flowers, opt for the magnificent luminous flowers of Rosabstrait.

The French art craftsman of Rosabstrait offers you his unique creation of luminous flower

Inspired by the most beautiful flower in the world, the artist of Rosabstrait offers you an original luminous flower to elegantly decorate your living room . Thanks to his unique technique for shaping synthetic glass, the French artist offers you a brilliant and translucent luminous eternal rose .

Bright red flowers of Rosabstrait

Bright flowers in various colors

Discover a wide range of bright flowers in more elegant colors than each other. The core of each rose sculpture is painted with a slightly translucent color to allow light to pass through. With its intense colors, you will find among all the colors of luminous rose of Rosabstrait one which will suit your tastes and your interior decoration.

Bright flower in interior decoration

Thanks to its LED garland integrated into the base of the flower, this abstract rose sculpture becomes luminous in the evening to create a cozy atmosphere in your interior. Also ideal for a romantic meal, it will accompany you for a magical and unforgettable moment.

Order your unique light flower

Let yourself be seduced by the luminous flowers of the French artist Rosabstrait. Each piece is unique and is delivered to your home with its certificate of authenticity signed by the artist. Delivery costs are offered for each luminous flower and supplied with its power batteries.

Quickly choose your luminous flower on the artist's online store :

eternal rose shop

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