Conseils pour réussir sa saint valentin avec rose éternelle

How to celebrate Valentine's Day in 2022?

Eternal love

As far back as we can go, love is central to the life of humanity. If there's one holiday to celebrate, it's Valentine's Day .

What would we be without love?

But to start, you have to understand the origins of this party which is not so commercial as that.

The dramatic love story of Valentine's Day.

Valentin de Terni the legend behind valentine's day

According to legend, Valentin de Terni was a priest who secretly married couples.

We are in the third century and Europe begins its conversion to Christianity.

The strategy of the then emperor, Claudius II The Gothic , who disliked Christians, wanted to ban marriage so that all men would be sent to war.

When the Emperor heard of the hidden marriages of the priest Valentine of Terni , he was quickly arrested.

Secret Marriages of the Valentine Priest

But the story does not end there.

Locked up, our Valentin falls in love with the jailer's daughter.

Her name was Julia and she was blind from birth.

During her captivity, Julia and Valentin had a romantic relationship and she asked him to describe the world to her each evening when she brought her food.

Until a miracle happened, a bright light flooded Valentin's cell and Julia regained her sight.

Obviously, this infuriated the Emperor when he heard the news and ordered the execution of Priest Valentine on February 14 .

Saint Valentine martyr February 14, 269

Martyr then Saint, our Valentine was meant to celebrate love no matter what.

Here is what the legend says.

We are a long way from our reputed "too" commercial party.

When you feel like skipping this celebration of love because you can't find any gift ideas, think back to Saint Valentine beheaded because he gave sight to the love of his life in jail.

Protector of Valentine's Day Lovers

5 ideas for a successful Valentine's Day

Above all, don't put pressure on yourself, you don't have to perform miracles like our dear Valentine's Day.

Here are 5 essential ideas to celebrate your Valentine's Day with your sweetheart:

Valentine's Day tips Book your party

1 - Book your evening

Unless you have a very important meeting with the President of the Republic, it is strongly advised to book your evening with your partner.

It seems obvious, but the simple act of making time for your loved one is the greatest gift you can give her.

And ban on looking at your phone to check your pro emails!

Valentine's Day tips order a refined meal

2 - A refined meal

Love makes you hungry so for Valentine's Day , don't skip the meal.

But be careful, it should not be too rich or too light .

So if you're not a fine cook out of pity, order a gourmet meal for the occasion .

Your wife doesn't deserve your dodgy dining experiences, choose safety.
Romantic decorative atmosphere for Valentine's Day
3 - The romantic atmosphere

Are you bad at decorating? No problem, turn off the light and arrange candles and LED garlands around your table.

Beware of scented candles , a woman with a delicate sense of smell and if you make the mistake in choosing the scent of your candle, you can be sure that your sweetheart will be stuck on this little love-killing detail all evening.

If you are looking to mask the smells of the meal, favor perfumes after the meal with less aggressive essential oils such as Damascus rose , ylang ylang or even jasmine absolute which have the advantage of being intoxicating and aphrodisiacs .

Valentine's day gift for symbolic wife

4 - The gift

Didn't you think you'd escape the chore of the gift ?

Gift ideas abound. Between jewels, flowers, chocolates..., you are spoiled for choice, but obviously at Rosabstrait, we prefer the eternal rose 😉

Whatever the choice of your gift, the most important is the emotion it will provide.

Buying a gift just to give a gift is not the right approach.

You need a story, a symbolism, in short, romanticism.

For this, you will need a small accompanying message .

A card with the sentiment you want to convey through your gift.

Here are some examples of quotes to write on your card for a successful Valentine's Day gift :

"Happiness exists. It is in love."

"When you fall in love with the moon, you stop looking at the stars."

"I love you in time. I will love you until the end of time. And when the time is up, then I will have loved you. And nothing of that love, like nothing that has been, will can never be erased."

"I don't know where my path is going, but I walk better when my hand shakes yours."

"I love you because the whole universe conspired to bring me to you"

"There is nothing more precious in this world than the feeling of existing for someone."

"To love is to know how to say I love you without speaking."
Romantic music for Valentine's Day 2022

5 - Music

To sum up, to make Valentine's Day a success, you have to use all the senses: taste with the meal, smell with the perfumes, sight with the lights, feelings with the gift, touch (for that you know what to do), but for hearing ?

And yes, you need romantic music !

Fortunately, the internet is here to save you by offering you perfect Valentine's Day playlists , it's almost too easy.

At Rosabstrait, we love music so we offer you a little playlist here:

Romantic music for valentine's day 2022

Very beautiful Valentine's Day 2022

You are ready to make your Valentine's Day a success .

Finally, it is a rather pleasant chore and above all where you are sure to be rewarded for your efforts.

So, as much to say that it is worth preparing for this magnificent holiday.

A beautiful gift from our Valentine's Day .

And you? What are the important points for a successful Valentine's Day? Give your ideas in comments for lovers who go through it. See you soon.

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