Qui se cache derrière les créations d'art de Rosabstrait ?

Who is behind Rosabstrait's art creations?

Journey of an authentic multi-faceted artist

Born in 1961, Albert Derriennic started in his father's ironwork workshop in Saint Nazaire in Loire Atlantique.

But it is in the culinary world that he has built his professional life and his creativity.

It was in the prestigious five-star restaurant "l'Espadon" in La Baule that he rose through the ranks to become the Chef's second-in-command (not bad for a self-taught man).

After many trips between Lyon and Auvergne (which could be the subject of a dedicated article if you are interested, say so in the comments), he returned to where he was born on the Guérande peninsula to devote himself to art.

Abstract art as a form of expression

For Albert Derriennic, art is a form of expression that passes through the abstract. For the support, it goes first through the classic canvas, then through the plexiglass and any kind of synthetic glass.

This is how you will find abstract paintings painted directly on the back of the synthetic glass plate on the impulsivart.com site under construction (subscribe to the Rosabstrait newsletter to be informed of the online publication of the new site on the exclusive theme of the artist's abstract paintings).

Abstract canvas by the artist Albert Derriennic - Implusivart

Arts and crafts markets to meet the public directly

Since 2016, he has been discovering his audience on the craft markets to make people discover his creations. Abstract paintings on canvas and plexiglass but also an old creation from the 90s: its eternal roses! Here they are without base, without led in several colors pink, orange, yellow, blue, red, black, ...

How was this atypical rose born? It's a long story that I will tell in another article.

But back to the artist.

It is with the approach of Christmas 2017 that the lights appear on the roses. At first, it was to be in the theme of the end of the year celebrations. But the success in front of the amazed public created the click.

The roses will become bright!

Luminous eternal rose with led garland

Birth of the luminous eternal rose under the name of Rosabstrait

After years of perfecting, it is in 2020, in full confinement that the Rosabstrait brand emerges.

If the markets are compromised by the health crisis, never mind, we will offer the eternal roses on the internet!

Selling online is an adventure in its own right where it is not enough to show your creation. You have to dialogue with Internet users, share, exchange, guess what they think and ask what they want us to discover.

And you who read this article, what question runs through your head. ? Tell me everything in the comments.

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