Original and unforgettable gift idea!

A one-of-a-kind rose!
Choose from 14 different colors ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🖤🤍...


    👨‍🎨 Albert Derriennic professional artist
    👨‍🏭 Plastic sculptor
    🧐 Inventor of this unique rose
    🧙‍♂️ Has been making flowers since 1990!


    ⚒️ Plexiglass sculpture
    🌹 Inspired by the rose
    🎨 Expressed through abstract art
    🇬🇧 Original French creation

Welcome to my artistic universe where the rose is queen 🌹👑

Hello, I am Albert Derriennic professional sculptor , I have been shaping my eternal roses in synthetic glass since 1990.

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A lot of trial and improvement to arrive at this unique result.
You won't find a manufacturing video, because I have my little secrets for structuring my roses.

Why did I choose to create my eternal roses in synthetic glass , also called plexiglass?

This material is neither glass nor plastic, it is an in-between that combines the advantages of both. Transparency, shine and resistance.

I didn't want to see my rose creation shatter into a million pieces like regular glass.

But I wanted a transparent and shiny material to play with the reflections of light. So I turned to synthetic glass.

There is a multitude of synthetic glasses which each have their particularity to resist shocks , heat and even frost.

Thanks to this material, I can offer you a truly eternal rose that will withstand time and clumsiness while maintaining the elegance and refinement of glass.

Please note, my sculptures are not blown glass roses , but an alternative.

An eternal, resistant, elegant and symbolic rose.

My unique creation of synthetic glass flower on a stem is the ideal gift to be delivered without risk to the lucky one.

Unlike a blown glass rose, my synthetic glass rose allows for finer leaves and petals while being more resistant to shocks.

I invite you to discover my entire range of eternal rose through luminous roses , rose under bell and more. You will find for each model 14 colors available to match all symbols and occasions.

Good discovery in my universe where the rose is queen 🌹

Discover the rose of hope - Emerald green 💚🌹🍀